What is a LUT?

A Lut, short for Look-Up Table, is a powerful tool used in the world of color grading and color correction. It is a mathematical formula that transforms the colors of an image or video from one set of values to another. Luts are commonly used in the film and photography industry to achieve specific looks, enhance the mood, or create a consistent visual style.

How does a Lut work?

At its core, a Lut is a table that maps input colors to output colors. It takes the RGB values of each pixel in an image or video and applies a series of calculations to determine the new color values. These calculations are based on complex algorithms and mathematical models that have been developed by experts in the field.

Why are Luts important?

Luts play a crucial role in the post-production process. They allow filmmakers, photographers, and colorists to have precise control over the colors in their projects. By applying a Lut, they can quickly and easily change the overall look and feel of their footage, saving time and effort compared to manual color adjustments.

Additionally, Luts enable the replication of specific looks or styles across different projects. For example, if a filmmaker wants to achieve a vintage look similar to a classic film, they can apply a Lut that mimics the color grading of that era. This consistency helps to establish a visual identity and enhance storytelling.

Where can you find Luts?

Luts can be created by professionals using specialized software or purchased from various online marketplaces. Many software applications, such as video editing software and color grading plugins, also come with a library of pre-made Luts that users can apply to their projects. These pre-made Luts are often categorized by different styles, moods, or genres, making it easier for users to find the right look for their specific needs.


A Lut is a valuable tool in the world of color grading and color correction. It allows professionals to transform the colors of their images or videos, achieve specific looks, and maintain consistency across projects. Whether you're a filmmaker, photographer, or simply someone interested in the art of visual storytelling, understanding what a Lut is and how it works can greatly enhance your creative process.

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