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Are you still manually placing each CRT character over your footage, instead of typing them out?... I mean c'mon, who has time for that?

Introducing, CRT TEXT toolkit by Moon Bear
A special pack of High Quality professional CRT Text effect simulators. Designed for use in Premiere, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro.
Cycle through 3 main presets in final cut pro , or build your own by editing / tweaking the provided settings in After Effects, Premiere or Final Cut.
CRT TEXT includes an authentic pixel grid and clear RGB Channel split to pull out the most authentic, vintage feel possible.
Just like real vintage displays and monitors, CRT TEXT includes a flicker value which you can change on your own, or turn off completely!
Ditch the old way of all the other brands demanding you to place each character one by one. Jump in to CRT TEXT and take control of the titling process and capture a fresh take on CRT Aesthetics.
Final Cut Pro: 10.5.2
Adobe Premiere Pro: 15.4.1
Adobe After Effects: 18.4.1
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