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REPLICA - Text Presets

REPLICA - Text Presets

MoonBear Film Titles

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Are you struggling to create authentic, eye-catching title designs for your work?
Well with Replica, you don't have to!

Save time and money by editing your titles with our industry-standard collection of preset title designs for use in Adobe CC, and Final Cut Pro.

Perfect for building design aesthetics and ideas which can help drive the narrative behind your videos. Over 95% of views come from engaging text designs in video thumbnails, increase your views by using our prest text designs!

You'll never know what you will create with REPLICA.

Save money by sticking to your preferred software, Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut, or by buying all 3!




Mac OS Big Sur

Windows 10

Final Cut Pro 10.5.1 

Adobe Premiere 14.8

Adobe After Effects 


Adobe Photoshop 



*These suggestions are based on what we've seen as the most reliable software updates. Our products may work perfectly fine with older or newer versions.

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REPLICA - Text Presets

Film Titles