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REPLICA 3 Music Video Titles

REPLICA 3 Music Video Titles

Music Video Title Presets

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Software Version

Software Compatibility

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Davinci
  • Final Cut Pro

System Requirements

Some title presets may require an active subscription to Adobe Fonts to use default fonts.

However, we've included alternative fonts for those who don't have access to Adobe fonts.

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Eye-Catching. Jaw-Dropping.

The most iconic compositions for titles, now under your control.



As an editor who's looking to meet tight deadlines, REPLICA 3 helps you expedite your workflow by getting your ideas out faster!

Rather than starting from scratch, simply edit our templates and add your own effects, animations, fonts & more!



Get access to more than 80+ MUSIC VIDEO title preset templates. Designed to speed up your workflow in a professional setting and ignite your creativity when designing your next title.



Replica 3 let's you customize templates to your liking so that you can choose your own fonts, colors, positions, scale & more!

Amped for anything.

With an extensive list of compatible apps optimized to unlock the full power of your vision, Replica 3 accelerates editing like never before. From music videos, to commercials, to everything in between. Replica 3 is your go-to editing companion for your hardest-working pro apps.

Something for everyone.

Replica 3 titles work seamlessly within Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop and DaVinci Resolve.

Empower your edits.

Transform your edits in no time at all with Replica 3 The Best Music Video titles.

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REPLICA 3 includes:

81 .COMP files (Davinci)
81 .PSD files (Photoshop)
81 .MOGRT files (Premiere)
81 .MOTI files (Final Cut)
1 .AEP file (After Effects)


REPLICA 3 comes loaded with our fonts: Wasted, Castaway, Neon, Soap, Evil Bookman and more!


REPLICA 3 is compatible with:

Final Cut Pro
DaVinci Resolve
Premiere Pro
After Effects


REPLICA 3 comes pre loaded with custom fonts like our Wasted font and our School Yard fonts!

In addition to more more than 4 other custom MoonBear fonts for you to use in all of your future projects.

  • Wasted Font

    A handwritten script font designed to bring out the RAW-ness in your footage. Perfect for all types of music videos, Wasted captures the punk aesthetic to instantly add a layer of authenticity to your videos.

  • School Yard Font

    Think of the alphabet drawn by kids on the concrete side walk of a schoolyard. That is School Yard, a fun cheerful typeface packed with character and innocence. Juxtapose this font against flashy rap footage or crazy EDM and you'll get exactly what you've been looking for!